Amanda Lynn Berkowitz
a m a n d a @ a m a n d a . n e t
Award-winning, strategic and innovative web developer, tech lead, and project manager adept at managing tight deadlines, organizing volumes of information, communicating with colleagues and clients across varying levels of technical proficiency, and delivering reusable products.
New York, NY
Senior Manager of Technology and Quality Assurance (2013-Present)
Desktop Tech Lead/QA Manager (2010-2013)
Senior Web Developer (2008-2010)
  • Oversee technology development for innovative multimedia and interactive programs in a fast-paced digital agency setting servicing Condé Nast magazine brands and world-class luxury, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle clients.
  • Manage communication between Client Services and Development/QA and seek out unique solutions to complex problems with other groups of the company or third party vendors.
  • Offer ideas at innovation brainstorm meetings, that have been chosen to be developed as a proof of concept to potentially be sold.
  • Build interfaces and relationships between team members, the corporate Condé Nast Technology Group, and Editorial for integrating digital programs with Condé Nast site editorial, to support legacy applications, and to manage new feature requests to innovate "never been done before" executions.
  • Partnership with Client Services: Assist in all pricing and feasibility discussions during pre-sale and in re-defining and enforce all inter-department processes such as post-sale schedule review, production kickoff, and process for handling timeline shift or scope creep.
  • Partnership with Development: Assign and manage resources in The Studio to projects, recruiting and training new onsite and offsite freelancers and vendors of proprietary and third party products, resolving dependencies, trouble- shooting complex bugs, and ensuring that deadlines are met
  • Partnership with QA: Set and enforce the standard of QA to ship a pixel perfect design that functions the way every member of the team had intended including client, producer, design, copy, and analytics.
New York, NY
Mobile and Desktop User Interface Developer / Information Architect
2005 - 2007
  • Translated designs into working elements of user experience, working closely with senior management.
  • Advised designers on issues of usability.
  • Served as liaison between technical and design teams to implement user interface and information architecture of Blastmob, a highly interactive social network and its mobile version, the first of its kind on mobile web.
  • Built expertise in all aspects of information architecture and design for pre-smartphone mobile devices. Coded in DHTML (CSS, Javascript), WALL, and JSP.
New York, NY
Integrated digital and experiential marketing agency of parent company Alloy Media + Marketing
Information Architect / User Interface Developer / Project Manager
2004 - 2005
  • Created websites for competitive 13 -24 market, working directly with clients of marketing and promotions.
  • Managed a broad spectrum of IA and development projects, including taxonomy for large content promotional web site and development of new GUI for operating system intended for young users. Created interactive HTML wireframes that were later used as the skeleton of the site.
  • Designed back-end infrastructure maintenance tools using OpenCMS, DHTML, and JSP.
  • Handled all stages of project life cycle, from early brainstorming to design, implementation and deployment for clients.
New York, NY
Senior Developer
2002 - 2003
  • Partnered with the head of an innovative project to create electronic publishing tools for archiving rare and visually detailed scholarly texts.
  • Wrote specifications to establish standards for coding and information presentation, Perl scripts to help process and reformat e-books stored in XML format and XSL code to convert books into high fidelity digital copies.
  • Designed and developed web-based user interface for presentation of stored texts.
  • Developed skills in the process of reorganizing, reformatting, and presenting large volumes of textual and graphic content for the web.
New York, NY
User Experience Developer / Designer
2002 - 2003
  • Collaborated with a project manager and team of developers on MS Office plug-in for verifying authenticity of electronic documents using USPS Electronic Postmark (EPM).
  • Oversaw project look-and-feel, including desktop software GUI, web-based promotional content, and investor promotional presentations.
  • Undertook numerous projects utilizing optimized graphics.
New York, NY
Web Developer / Information Architect
2000 - 2001
  • Executed wide range of IT projects, including HealthScout, a subscription-based publisher of health-related informational content, working with team of 25 developers, designers, and project managers.
  • Created wireframes, userflows, and developed front end code for HealthScout's front end and custom content management system for subscribers.
  • Managed tight delivery deadlines and prioritized development and customization requests.
  • Wrote client documentation, conducted training, and served as lead client contact.
  • Utilized Perl, SQL, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, WebObjects, and Java.
New York, NY
Web Developer
1999 - 1999
  • Developed and redesigned magazine, music, and television web sites with cross-functional teams of producers, designers, and management.
  • Created CMS and auto-publishing tool that enabled users to reference and present customized material.
  • Served as liaison between clients and internal consultants for large music review project.
  • Coded dynamic online content in Perl.
Student R&D Project Director / Web Developer
1995 - 1999
Developed tools for distance education for AskERIC. Led database and Java development teams for educational portal project. Served as Information Architect and Team Leader for next generation web browser initiative for Sun Microsystems. Designed and prototyped alternative interfaces for quadriplegic users for Pulsar and Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC). Contributed ideas to innovation brain storming sessions and code for teammates' projects proposing funding.
Technical Skills
  • Front End: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript/JQuery, SEO, XML/XSL, WALL/WURFL
  • Design: Photoshop, Adobe in Design/Viewer DE app bundling, UIX
  • Back End: PHP, Perl, SQL
  • Version Control: Git Hub, BitBucket
  • Interactive Programs: iPad Digital Edition in app executions,sweepstakes/contests, high traffic one-minute giveways, user generated photo and video galleries, facebook apps and social media integration, custom content management systems, customized Wordpress blogs, live video chat, website resdesigns, QA in desktop, tablet, and mobile for web and app
  • 2014 Q2 Condé Nast Marketer of the Quarter
  • Eight different 2014 IAC Internet Advertising Competition Awards
  • 2013 Business Insider Sexiest Developer on Earth
  • 2012 Webby Mobile Advertising Award (credited to Deutsch Inc.)
  • 2012 IAC Outstanding Advertising Developer Award
  • 2011 Media Vanguard Best iPad Ad Production Studio Award
  • 2011 MIN Digital Team of the Year Award
  • 2010 Condé Nast Innovators of the Year Award
BS in Information Management Technology and Research; Minor in Art Photography
1995 - 1999
Stuyvesant Diploma, Focus on Computer Science
1991 - 1995
Sake Professional Course Certification